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Startup Idea to First 1K Csutomers in 90 Days

The Startup Idea to First 1K Customers in 90 Days is a pre-cursor to the main course –  Startup Idea to Profit in 180 Days course which is a knowledge base of that core experience I have gained in my journey. This is a starter course which is spread over 5-Days where you will establish the fundamentals needed to give your Startup the initial boost that it so needs. Here’s what you’re going to discover during our 5 days together :-  

  • Day 1 – The Journey from an Idea to a Sale
  • Day 2 – Validate your Startup Idea and Tweak it to make it suit the market
  • Day 3 – How to get Funding for your Startup
  • Day 4 – To-Do List
  • Day 5 – The 7-Step Startup Success Formula Revealed!

And, for just participating in this class, you get the following bonuses worth Rs.20k completely FREE.     🎁 Bonus 1:- The Business Plan Template which will help you understand the Financials clearly so that you can plan your Fund Requirements  (Valued at Rs.10K)  

Bonus 2 - Business Plan Template

    🎁 Bonus 2:- The Pitch Deck Template using which you can impress Stakeholders and Investors to get the funding you deserve (Valued at Rs.10K)  

Bonus 1 - Pitch Deck Template

  There will be Recorded Sessions, Question and Answer Sessions, Workshops, and the last day will be a 1-hour live session where I will present to you the tried and tested secret of the MarketerBot which will help you get your First 1K Customers within 90 days of launching your Startup. For those who complete their workshops successfully I give them the opportunity to Book a 30-min One-On-One Session with me where they can present their Startup Vision and I can provide my opinions on scaling it based on my experiences with other successful startups.  

If you are still sitting with the Brilliant Startup Idea in your mind, wondering what to do next, IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION NOW and enrol for this training which you absolutely must not miss.   Normally I offer this course for Rs. 499/-. The give-away price of INR 199 is available only for the first 50 registrants. Then, it will be increased to INR 499 again.  

If you are like me – who believes in ACTION – take your first step and jump right in – I’m there to hand-hold you along the way. Don’t let the Startup Dream fizzle out in your mind. Give it a chance of making it happen so that you don’t look back in regret at a later point in your life.  

You are one-click away from achieving your Startup Dream   You will be redirected to a landing page where you can register. Then, you will be presented with a link to our payment processor “Instamojo” to make your investment of INR 199. Once you make the investment, you will be joining a WhatsApp group where you can get all the details.  

Grab your spot now since we have limited seats !👇 After all – Genius is in the IDEA. Impact, however, comes from ACTION