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Have a brilliant Startup Idea but don’t know where to begin? 

Should you be building your product first or raising funds first? 

Launching the Startup seems like a distant Dream? 

Do you think it would be a risk that requires a lot of guts? 

 Don’t know where you will get your First 1K Customers? 

Anxious about when the money will start flowing into your Business Account? 

I have some good news for you.You’re not alone! Majority of Startup Founders sail in the same boat. 

 After working with more than 100+ Entrepreneurs/Marketers over the past 5 years, I have created a system using which anyone can move from Startup Idea To Getting First 1K Customers in 90 days without spending loads of money with nothing but the power of what I call… The “7-STEP STARTUP SUCCESS FORMULA

I invite you to learn how to take the journey from an Idea to a Profitable Revenue Generating Business   – “STARTUP IDEA TO PROFIT IN 180 DAYS”   where you will create your Business Plan, Pitch Deck, Marketing Plan using the Acquire-Nurture-Offer MarketerBot and see your Idea evolving to Revenue in your Company Bank Account.

📈100+ Startup Founders/Executives have already benefitted from this course. 

Here’s how you will have Step-By-Step guidance  : 

– Ground work to see whether you really have the entrepreneurship bug in you or you are willing to develop it

– 5 ways to check how saleable your idea is and how to make it saleable

– How to convert a Startup idea from vision to reality 

– How to document the vision for your Startup Vision 

–  How to craft your Team Vision How to arrange for money needed to run the show 

– How to craft your product 

– How to market your product How to sell your product – Case Studies , Trials, Freemium Model, Community, Referrals, Word Of Mouth, Offline Marketing 

– How to provide state-of-the-art Customer Service for your product – The Complete Process 

– The Revolutionary and Disruptive – MarketerBot  – The MarketerBot is a tried and tested concept which will ensure successful customer conversions due to the careful nurturing given during the cycle from lead to customer conversion, instead of directly making a sales offer on first interaction. The BIG advantage of this methodology is that it is an Automated Robotic way (with minimal manual intervention) which increases chances of Organic Conversions i.e. your CAC (Cost of Acquisition Per Customer) is either 0 or very miniscule. This concept has been developed and applied successfully by me for some of the Startups I have worked with in the past. 

And What’s more – Bonuses worth Rs.50k completely FREE. 

– The User Persona Template  (Valued at Rs.10K) 

Bonus 1 - User Persona Template

– The User Journey Template (Valued at Rs.10K) 

Bonus 2 - User Journey Template

– The Content Calendar Template (Valued at Rs.10K) 

Bonus 3 - Content Calendar Template

– There is an icing on the cake.  I will send you a link where you can book an appointment with me and I will give you feedback on your assignments one-on-one as well as reveal the secret for getting YOUR First 1K customers for YOUR own Startup using the 7-Step Success Formula. This will be a 2 hr session. (Valued at Rs.20K)

If you are still sitting with the Brilliant Startup Idea in your mind, wondering what to do next, IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION NOW and enrol for this training which you absolutely must not miss. Normally I offer this course for Rs. 14999/-. The give-away price of INR 4999/- is available only for the first 20 registrants. Then, it will be increased to INR 14999/- again. 

If you are like me – who believes in ACTION – take your first step and jump right in – I’m there to hand-hold you along the way. Don’t let the Startup Dream fizzle out in your mind. Give it a chance of making it happen so that you don’t look back in regret at a later point in your life. 

You are one-click away from achieving your Startup Dream.

👇 After all – Genius is in the IDEA. Impact, however, comes from ACTION