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There are two kinds of entrepreneurs.

One, those who know what they want – they have a brilliant Startup Idea but don’t know where to start. And then there are those, who really want to do create a Startup of their own, but don’t have an idea that they feel is worth going ahead with.

This Blog Section – Startup Business Ideas – is dedicated to the second category. Call it a blessing if you may, but during my recreation time whenever I stare blankly outside my window, a Startup Idea starts creeping into my mind and doesn’t stop pestering me till I write about it.

So here goes…

“Sometimes there is no better teacher than Crisis ” – Anu Khanchandani

The Inspiration

The inspiration is home born for this Startup Idea.

When the pandemic struck, my sister who is a reputed Tuition Teacher for Maths and Physics for Grade X onwards and Engineering students, found herself in confusion. The portion was half-way through and her students careers were at stake. Here’s a Pop quiz – To judge what needs to be done Right to achieve Unicorn Status.

We got into action and I created an online Learning Management System for her. Hadn’t coded in years so I was a little jittery. WordPress and LearnPress with a few plugins here and there came to the rescue! I learnt it in a week and without any major coding whatsoever I created the Learning Management System (LMS) for her Institution.   

The idea for Online Tuition MarketPlace originated from this. Here’s the thing. If we can create this kind of setup for one teacher, why not extend it to an entire MarketPlace.   

Why limit students to teachers only from local areas? Why not give a student an opportunity to learn from the best teachers around the world. And vice versa too. Why not give teachers the opportunity to achieve global expertise by giving them an opportunity to teach syllabi all across the world? 

The Wish List

  1. Account Registration: Teachers from all over the world can create profiles with their credentials and experience. Students from all over the world can create accounts and provide basic information about themselves in terms of location, grade etc.
  2. Choose Teacher: Choose which teacher they want to learn from based on profile and experience and demo session. This option would be open in case they want to switch the teacher anytime during their course.
  3. Time Table : For each class the student can specify suitable timings. Based on a combination of selected profile and available times the system suggests a suitable teacher. A time table is generated for the entire year based on syllabus and selected timings.
  4. Course Packages : The system accepts online payments via multiple payment gateways for convenience. There are multiple packages based on whether the student wants flexible timings or wants chat or video doubt sessions.
  5. Live Lectures : Students attend lectures at designated times which were agreed upon during teacher selection.
  6. Anytime, Anywhere Course Material : A centralised location at which all recorded lectures and notes are uploaded for anytime access.
  7. Tests : Teachers can conduct multiple choice or subjective exams periodically. Students can submit their answer papers online which will be checked by the teacher in the same place and grades will be notified to the student.
  8. Doubt Sessions : The student can setup Doubt Sessions with the teacher at agreed times. Doubt session could be chat / video based on Payment Packages.
  9. Open Forum : The student can have chat/video discussions with peers from all across the world.

This wish list includes only the initial thoughts. I’m sure if you are genuinely interested to create this kind of a global teaching platform, as we brainstorm, more useful features will come up.

The Unique Selling Proposition(s)

There are many such platforms in India – the prime ones being Byju’s , Vedantu and many more have sprung up in the past year. The USP that we can offer through this Startup Idea is that it is global, it doesn’t bind the student to a fixed time table proposed by the governing platform. The student is free to choose a teacher of his/her own preference, with the option of working out a suitable time between both of them.

Bottomline, the students have a right to choose – be it time table, be it teacher and is not limited to a local choice – the world is open for choosing the teacher that they think is best for them.

Where will the money come from?

  • Commission from Course Packages based on
    • Teacher Expertise
    • Chat / Video Doubt Sessions
  • Advertisements from related vendors like Book Sellers

What kind of expenses are we looking at?

  • Website / Blog / LMS Setup – Approximately Rs. 20000/- (One-Time)
  • Domain and Hosting – Approximately Rs. 5000/- (Yearly)
  • Zoom for Live Classes – Approximately Rs. 15000/- (Yearly)

Have a Startup Idea but don’t know Where to Start?

Startup Idea - But dont know where to start

Check out the Startup Idea to Million Dollar App Course

This course is a knowledge base of that core experience I have gained in my journey. After having spent more than 20 years as an Employee, Entrepreneur and Consultant in the Digital Startup industry I saw the journey and the challenges faced during it.  Be it product design, marketing, selling, funding each aspect of the journey needed to be taken up carefully – planned and executed with patience rather than rushing into it blindfolded. I have expressed all these concepts on the basis of an example so that the understanding is not just theoretical in nature. You will be able to learn the following  :

  • Defining / Documenting your Vision
  • Team Vision
  • Arranging Funds
  • Crafting Your Product/Service system
  • Marketing Your Product/Service
  • Selling Your Product/Service
  • Customer Service

The workshops will ensure that by the end of the course, you create the artefacts for their own business idea. You will have everything ready which will boost your confidence in your business idea in a defined and structured way

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