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“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”

— Thomas Edison

As a Startup Coach / Consultant I must have come across more than 500 Startup Ideas. 

There are 2 kinds of Startup Founders. Those who clearly know what they want but don’t know how to go about getting it done. And then there are those who carry tons of business experience with them but are still thinking about what Startup Idea could be the next big thing.

For the second category of Startup Founders, I have jotted down my entire collection of Startup Ideas (some which came to me while travelling, some while I was on vacation!). 

The goal is to solve pain points for the common man. So, if you always had it in you to launch yourself as an entrepreneur, feel free to pick up any thought and start working on it. If you want me to help you , it would be my utmost privilege.

  • Last Minute Revision
    • This app is designed for students or for that matter for anybody pursuing a course in which you have to give an exam.
    • Last minute revision is a critical exam technique sometimes and ensures that everything is fresh in your mind just before you enter the exam hall. Instead of flipping through pages of your book and trying to frantically find everything that you would like to remember, isn’t it better that you have it stored in your mobile in an app
  • Online Tuition Marketplace
    • Why limit students to teachers only from local areas? Why not give a student an opportunity to learn from the best teachers around the world. And vice versa too. Why not give teachers the opportunity to achieve global expertise by giving them an opportunity to teach syllabi all across the world? 
    • This is the concept that the Online Tuition Marketplace is based on.
  • Interior Design Planner
    • One of the most tedious activities a couple has to go through is a home shift. Right from a flower vase to a customised closet, their mind is bogged down by the amount of activities I had to manage related to home shifting.
    • Why not organise it all for them in an app which helps them manage their budget, look for vendors, visualise interior design before its done and a lot more.
  • Second Career – Women after a Break
    • A platform to assist women who have taken a career break due to any reason by providing them the following facilities on an online platform
      • Updating past experience
      • Skill upgradation based on future plan
      • Day care for kids
      • House help
  • Track School Bus
  • Cool Gadget Collection
    • One of a kind gadget platform with extraordinary gadgets is bich can be of utility and wow the audience
  • Educational Games for children
    • A complete online platform to teach various concepts via games so that there is a practical implementation of a concept in an enjoyable way
  • Online Exhibitions Marketplace
    • Online platform for exhibition setup and management
    • Facilities like virtual tour and more to entice exhibition owners to sign up
  • Comprehensive Formulae Collection
    • Formulae are the crux of many science and math subjects. A complete labelled , searchable encyclopaedia of all kinds of formulae with customisations so that students can focus only on those applicable to them
  • Legal Arbitration Center
    • Legal Arbitration has become a popular way of solving legal issues out of court. A complete online platform for legal experts and clients to connect and manage all steps in a legal arbitration scenario
  • Garage Sale
    • A platform for managing garage sales to connect organisers , customers and shippers on one ground
  • CarPool
    • An app to allow people in a given location to announce availability or otherwise book a car pool with someone who has offered.
  • Spare Parts
    • A platform for buy/sell of spare parts of all kinds. This will require comprehensive cataloging to cover all types.
  • Charter Booking
    • An exclusive app dedicated to booking Charter Flights across Charter Service providers
  • Courier Cargo Booking
    • A platform to book domestic and international courier and cargo packages with instant availability of rates from various providers and online payments with tracking
  • Nature Enthusiasts
    • Photography and informative catalog of all places to visit for nature enthusiasts
  • Parenting
    • Although this is a very popular category where blogs are concerned, this could be extended to provide workshops and day care centres and any facility that could help new parents. Also a professional guide by doctors and psychologists for career counseling and aptitude development for children of various ages.
  • Industry focused Job Sites
    • This has been a pet project for me. The vision here is to develop a recruitment platform with a common base which can be then extended to any industry and used in a customised manner.
  • Fuel Saver
    • A device which can be attached to your steering wheel to guide you on how to adjust speed so that you can use less fuel.
  • Housing Society Management
    • A platform to manage housing society activities. Yes, there are already many platforms like this but you can always add an edge by providing special services related to security and other important aspects using latest technologies like IoT, Blockchain etc.
  • Hospice Management
    • A platform dedicated to providing healthcare for elders and others with special needs.
  • Art Marketplace
    • A platform to allow artists to showcase their talent.
  • Legal Cases Database
    • A comprehensive searchable database of all court cases documentation which legal professionals can use as a subscription.
  • Startup Social Network
    • Again, a pet project for me where I visualise to create a community of Startups, which can provide not just a communication platform but also a business service platform where Startups can even barter service between each other instead of spending on outsourcing or recruiting in-house teams
  • Property Agent Co-ordination
    • The real estate listing market is huge, but an aspect of it which can be used effectively is the strong broker/agent network. This Startup Idea focuses on providing a platform for the brokers to exchange information about availability of real estate offerings and work in tandem for mutual benefit as a win-win solution rather than working in competition
  • SMS Based Healthcare for rural areas
    • Considering low accessibility in rural areas, this platform can work on sms / call for providing health care services to people in rural areas as efficiently and on time as they are provided in urban areas
  • Alumni Connect
    • A platform to allow any college to create a community for its alumni, not just for communication but also to see how they can contribute with their experience to the younger generation of their alma mater.
  • Real Estate Virtual Walkthrough
    • This kind of app could really help people from anywhere to invest in real estate irrespective of their location. This is not about providing a standard video of the property, but an actual walkthrough by using Google Glass or other similar technology.
  • Agritech app / platform
    • A platform to help agriculture efforts by using technology in activities like livestock monitoring, pest infiltration, soil/moisture/climatic data analytics for better yield.

Genius is in the Idea. Impact however, comes from action. My promise to you, dear reader, is that I will be creating a separate blog post on each of these ideas with my thoughts on its vision and implementation strategy. I would really enjoy it if Startup Founders can join me on this mission to see all these ideas coming to reality. If you can add value to this in the comments section, my readers and I would be greatly obliged!

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– Craft your Team Vision 

– Arrange for money needed to run the show 

– Craft your product

– How to market your product 

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