Startup Business Idea – Interior Design App
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The inspiration
One of the most tedious activities a couple has to go through is a home shift. It is tedious in a practical way but for sure there is also an associated excited flutter in your heart where you visualise a new life with your family. I thought I had it all settled in my mind that I needed xyz and abc to setup a new life. But slowly and gradually the pqr, lmn started adding up as things started coming to my mind. Right from a flower vase to a customised closet, my mind was soon bogged down by the amount of activities I had to manage related to home shifting. I did manage eventually using an Evernote list but decided in my mind that I would create an app to help others do this more effectively and yeah why not make some name, fame and fortune for myself too. Caught up in the daily grind I still haven’t had the time to do it (like the many more other ideas that I had thought of earlier) so here I am throwing out all my thoughts to the developer community out there to give shape to my dream.
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The wish list

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