Tech Startup Idea – The Ultimate EdTech solution for exam blues
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EdTech is going to be the next BIG thing after the Covid situation eases out.  Here is a Tech Startup Business Idea related to the EdTech domain that I had worked on at a basic level. Sharing the basic knowledge and the complete vision so that you can take it up and create the revolutionary app which has no presence on the Google Play Store.

We have seen a “new normal” in various aspects of our daily life over the past few months since Covid has wrecked our lives. Primarily, it has been our children who are now lying on the floor in their pyjamas with their teachers streaming science and maths jargon on their tablets! 

Well, that takes care of the teaching part well. Finally, studying and memorising is still the student’s part. How cool would it be if we could ease that out for the kids .

That is what  my friend Monika asked me once when we were discussing the trials and tribulations of the education system and how it could be eased out for the weary kids.

That is where the Last Minute Revision app idea struck me. I worked on it at a basic level – created an Android App and created a Facebook page to promote it.   

Till date the app received likes and adulations. Unfortunately, I never got the time to work on it more.

But here is the vision for this small Tech Startup Business Idea with all its details and if you feel you have the potential to take it to the level that I wanted it to be, I would be more than ready to help.   

With the EdTech sector booming, this could be the next viral app among the student community and a lucrative investment for Investors.

Last Minute Revision App

What problem does this Startup Business Idea solve?

This app is designed for students or for that matter for anybody pursuing a course in which you have to give an exam.

Last minute revision is a critical exam technique sometimes and ensures that everything is fresh in your mind just before you enter the exam hall. Instead of flipping through pages of your book and trying to frantically find everything that you would like to remember, isn’t it better that you have it stored in your mobile in an app.

You can organise information in Subjects and Flash Cards and flip through them with ease focussing on just what you think is important to be remembered.

The benefit that LMR offers is QUICK REFERENCE before the exam. There are many flash card apps in the market which offer pre-built flash cards for Maths, English and for various competitive exams.

LMR gives the end user a flexibility to create flash cards as per their own needs. These flash cards which can be categorised based on different subjects can then be used just before any exam which proves to be an effective revision technique.

Feature List of the Last Minute Revision App

  • Add / Modify / Delete Subjects
  • Add / Modify / Delete Flashcards
  • Flash Card Types
    • Text
    • Image
  • Special Symbol Keyboard for Physics/ Math/ Chemistry Formulae
  • Flashcard Level – Easy/Difficult
  • Set Flashcard as a Bookmark
  • Transfer FlashCards to friend
  • Speech-To-Text recognition for FlashCard details
  • Quizzes
  • Localisation (Languages) 

Screenshots of the basic app created by me

Revenue plan for your Startup Idea

  • Launch as Freemium with Transfer FlashCards to friend, Speech-To-Text recognition for FlashCard details, Quizzes as in app purchases
  • Google Ads Integration (Banner Ads)

Marketing plan for your Startup Idea

  • App store optimisation
  • Dedicated Website
  • Dedicated Blog for Study Tips
  • Social Media Marketing on Student Groups
  • Referral Marketing with Student Bodies
  • Tie-up with offline educational institutions
  • Email / SMS / Whatsapp Marketing

So, get going!

My friend Monika was really happy with the basic Last Minute Revision App because she really saw it helping her son in a big way. Although I could not find time to create the advanced versions and for that matter create a small business based on it, I would strongly encourage you to give this a shot if you are considering a Tech Startup as a side hustle or as a full time business

With the EdTech sector expecting a big investment inflow in the coming years, this could be your launch pad into the booming sector. The Last Minute Revision app could enhance itself to something bigger as it starts receiving traction from the student community.

Be it this small Tech Startup Business idea or be it anything else – all that it needs is your blood, sweat and tears – to make it BIG! So, get going before someone else latches on to the bandwagon.

Need any brainstorming? I’m just a call away!

A Step-By-Step Course to help you with this


Check out the 7-Step Digital Startup Success Formula Course.

This course is a knowledge base of that core experience I have gained in my journey. After having spent more than 20 years as an Employee, Entrepreneur and Consultant in the Digital Startup industry I saw the journey and the challenges faced during it.  Be it product design, marketing, selling, funding each aspect of the journey needed to be taken up carefully – planned and executed with patience rather than rushing into it blindfolded. I have expressed all these concepts on the basis of an example so that the understanding is not just theoretical in nature. You will be able to learn the following  :

  • Defining / Documenting your Vision
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  • Customer Service

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Can you think of more features to add on to the Last Minute Revision App? Post your comments , let’s all get into a brainstorming session and lets see if you can be the first one to complete my unfinished dream!