Useful Startup Tool Series – Asana           Task Management Tool
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“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned”

— Benjamin Franklin

What is it about being organised that it is becoming the prime talk of the town? Are only perfectionists supposed to be organised? What does all that effort around being organised give us in return anyway?
Hi, I am Anu Khanchandani – Engineer, Entrepreneur and Business Coach for the past 25 years. And yes, accused of being a perfectionist to the point of nagging people around me to be organised in all aspects of their lives – be it personal or professional.
Let me introduce you today to an awesome Task Management Tool called Asana. It has changed my life over the past 6 years and I am sure it will change yours too. So here goes..

Hope I could throw some light on how using a simple Task Management Tool like Asana you can control practically every aspect of your organisation. If you can add value to this in the comments section, my readers and I would be greatly obliged!