Useful Startup Tool Series – Calendly           Appointment Scheduling Tool
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“Time is what we want most, what we use worst”

— William Penn

How many times have you scheduled 2 meetings at the same time on the same day because you were using say iCloud for your work meetings and Google Calendar for your personal meetings.. or worse still not using any calendar at all? Every felt that you declared yourself available on Monday at 11am but something came up at 10:00am and you had no way to reschedule except send back and forth emails?
As a business owner , the time and energy you save is proportionally equal to the money that you could make in the saved time. Using simple tools can help you get there and maintain your sanity amidst the chaos called entrepreneurship.
Let me introduce you today to an awesome Appointment Scheduling Tool called Calendly. It has helped me save at least 20% of the time I would have otherwise spent scheduling meetings back and forth on emails and increased my prospects because I give them an actionable Call to Action. I am sure it will be a big time and energy saver for you too. So here goes..

Hope I could throw some light on how using a simple Appointment Scheduling Tool like Calendly you can control how you can setup meetings and make it easy to share your availability so that someone can setup a meeting without even speaking to you. If you can add value to this in the comments section, my readers and I would be greatly obliged!