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Aspiring to be the Next Unicorn?

Here is a list of the 3 most successful appreneurs (entrepreneurs with app ideas) who made their net worth more than 1000 Million with trending app ideas for businesses.

#1 Kevin Systrom – Social Media App Idea – Instagram

#2 Travis Kalanick – Transport Ride-Sharing App Idea – Uber

#3 Whitney Wolfe Herd – Dating app idea – Bumble

Are you aiming to be the next in line?

Do you have an app idea sizzling in your head but don’t know how to launch it as a Startup?

Or better still – do you have your app ready and built but don’t know how to make it the next BIG thing?

I’m Anu Khanchandani. Have been in the tech industry for 25+ years in various roles, in India and abroad in CMM-Level 5 organizations like Syntel (India), Delta Technology (USA), Reuters Asia (Singapore).

Have consulted Startups in the capacity of CTO, Principal Mentor in their Startup Journey right from validating their Startup Ideas to scaling them to profitable businesses. One of the prominent ones was Fintoo for which I created the product and the team from scratch and brought it to a milestone of 1L  customers.?

Today, I invite you to this Workshop “App Idea to Launch in 60 Days”  where you will Validate your Startup Idea, get started off on your Business Plan, Pitch Deck, and launch your app strategically in 60 Days.

After working with Entrepreneurs over the past 25+ years, I have devised a process using which anyone can move from App Idea To Launch in 60 Days without spending loads of money with nothing but the power of what I call…

The “7-Step Startup Success Formula”.. and I would like to share it with you as an aspiring Startup Founder

3000+ Startup Founders/Executives have already benefitted from this workshop.

Here’s what you’re going to move forward step-by-step during our 60 days together:-

✅ Week 1 – Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

✅ Week 2 – Startup idea Validation using the Ideal Validator Framework

✅ Week 3 – Documenting your Startup Value Proposition

✅ Week 4 – Product Development (Web / Mobile App)

✅ Week 5 – Marketing, Sales, Post-sales

✅ Week 6 – Identifying The Right Team

✅ Week 7 – Fundraising

✅ Week 8 – Putting it all together

And, for just participating in this class, you get the following bonuses worth Rs.20k completely FREE.

? User Persona / Target Customer Identification

? Validation Before Product Creation

? Competitor Analysis

? Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner / Ubersuggest

? Market Research Summary Presentation

? Brand Guideline Document

? SWOT Analysis

? Habit-Forming Perspective

? Mind Map

? MVP (Minimum Viable Product Release Plan)

? Wireframe

? Funnel Definitions

? Content Calendar

? Marketing Budget

? Culture, SOPs (Standard Operating Processes)


? Business Financials

? Investor Pitch Deck

? Comprehensive Business Plan

? Business Model Canvas

Here’s how we will do it so that I can get personally connected to your Startup –

– Go through the video recording for that week’s topics in each week for 8 weeks

– Anytime you are stuck or you need an explanation, you can ask me any questions on Whatsapp while you are doing the course and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible. If required, I will connect with you on a call.

– At the end of the week there is a Workshop Task (Assignment) that you have to complete and upload. I will personally evaluate each Workshop Task you have done and give my feedback on it.

– In the 8th Week if you have completed all 7-week workshop tasks, you get a chance to Book an Appointment with me to set up a 2 hr min one-on-one coaching call about your Startup. This is not a group session, it is an individual session.

If you are like me – who believes in ACTION – take your first step and jump right in – I’m there to hand-hold you along the way. Don’t let the Startup Dream fizzle out in your mind. Give it a chance of making it happen so that you don’t look back in regret at a later point in your life.




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