EBook – How to Validate Your Startup Idea
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Are you in love with your Startup Idea?

I have seen Startup Founders being super-excited about their ideas and validly so. The most common statement to that effect has been – “This is the next BIG thing!”. They have set their minds to this fact.

However, if I have played the role of a Mentor in some such setup, I have to be a little strong-hearted and tell them to hold the reins. Not to demotivate them but to teach them to be realistic.

After all the first litmus test for an Idea to be successful is to find out if it is really marketable and consequently saleable.

You need to tweak it around a little bit maybe to suit the market demand.

The bottomline is that you have to to really make it work so that those are the initial groundwork activities that absolutely must be done.

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