6-Weeks One-On-One
Mentorship Program

Have a brilliant startup idea that you want to monetize..

But not sure if it is marketable and has the potential to generate profits?

Or are you a technical person but struggle with finances?

Maybe you are a non-techie, so building websites or apps sounds too scary!

Do you often wonder how to get the first 1000 customers..

without spending all the funding on paid marketing and selling your soul?

Or do you feel demotivated not seeing money flow into the account..

But arranging for funds seems mind boggling because you don’t have the right tools and resources to seek investments?

Get Personal hand-holding and  Mentorship to create your detailed Business Plan in 6 weeks using my 7-step framework which I have built over my experience of 25+ years 

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How will we make it happen?

Who is this program for?

Entrepreneurs with a Business Idea

Software Professionals with an App Idea

Legacy Businesses looking for Digital Transformation

Employees aspiring to be Entrepreneurs

Students aspiring to be Entrepreneurs

Family Business Owners looking for Digital Transformation

Homemakers with Business Ideas

Retired Professionals wanting to invest in a Startup

Think I can help you convert your Startup Idea to a Profitable Business?

Learn my 7-step framework to kickstart your startup idea

Here's a 60 min Value Bomb for you! Learn the 7-Step Startup Success Formula which I have devised over my 25 years of experience. In this One-On-One Startup Workshop, I'm covering your back. We work together on your Startup. I'm there to hold your hand and tell you exactly what your next step should be and how you can fix the things that don't work. I'm standing behind you, watching what you do to guide you.

Access to On-demand content to watch at your own pace too if you want

Rigorous Brainstorming Sessions to ensure you end up at a point where you are ready to launch

Opportunity to connect with a vibrant Online community of other entrepreneurs like you

Meet Your Business Consultant

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Anu Khanchandani

Founder - The Grey Cells

I’m Anu Khanchandani. Have been in the Digital Product industry for more than 25 years in various roles, in India and abroad in CMM-Level 5 organisations like Syntel (India), Delta Technology (USA), Reuters Asia (Singapore).
Have consulted more than 20 Startups in the capacity of CTO, Principal Mentor in their Startup Journey right from validating their Startup Ideas to scaling them to Profitable Businesses.

Worked with

Ready-To-Use Startup Templates

Wondering how we can finsh this mammoth task of defining your Startup Business Plan within a matter of weeks? After having worked with 100+ startups I have coagulated all processes into Google Sheets and Docs which can be used Off-The-Shelf and customised for your Business Plan

Fill in Projected Revenues, Expenses etc and have Profit/Loss Projections calculated to give you a simplistic view of where you stand

Answer specific questions about your Vision, Products and Services, Revenue Model, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan and your Business Plan is ready to give deep insight to all your Stakeholders

Specify parameters to arrive at your Target Customer. Identify the characteristics for each such parameter and your Ideal User Persona will reveal itself

List each comparison feature in rows and all your competitors in columns. This will give you a clear idea about what is it that they don't have and you have and vice versa

Fill in the Product Features you desire in order of priority. Based on a logical calculated approach, make a decision on the MVP and get an idea of the Release Date, giving you a clear idea of your Go-To-Market

Organise and schedule all the promotional content for the month. A calendar sheet which gives you a summary view of the plan and internal sheets to plan topics for each kind of content with due dates

Here's what startup founders have to say

I do not want you to blindly take my word that this Startup Mentorship could mean a much required boost for your Startup. But I do want you read what other founders have to say about what knowledge they take back from this experience.


This is a completely LIVE program where I will work on your Business vision after speaking with you. I will put my htoughts for each step and then connect with you for your thoughts and incorporate the same too.  I will handhold you through each step till we are at a point where your complete vision is documented and finally put in the form of a clear investor pitch deck with a business plan to back it up


We will first work together on the details of each component of your business plan with a bottom up approach. Once the entire vision is crystal clear from each aspect right from Brand Story to the Marketing Plan, we will put everything together in a Comprehensive Business Plan, a Concise Business Model Canvas and an Investor Pitch Deck PPT. 

Absolutely. We will create a complete website/app feature document and marketing plan based on your inputs about the market. We will develop Strategies with action plans.

When you are ready with your Business Plan at the end, we can discuss if you still want me to be on board with you as a Consultant. I can help you out every step along the way then be it website/app development or marketing plan implementation. Basically I can be there on your journey and guide you along the way if you so desire. I believein creating long term relationships and if there is anyway that I can contribute to the success of your startup it would be my pleasure. 

I will be discussing various aspects of your Startup each week on call with a complete action plan for a week. 

Also, for any queries that you may have you can ping me on whatsapp or send me an email. I will try my level best to revert to you within 2 hours.

Let's Talk About Your Startup

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