Startup Idea Validation

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Verify if your Startup Idea is saleable enough to generate revenue using the Startup Idea Validator Framework


I have seen Startup Founders being super-excited about their ideas and validly so. The most common statement to that effect has been – “This is the next BIG thing!”. They have set their minds to this fact. However, if I have played the role of a Mentor in some such setup, I have to be a little strong-hearted and tell them to hold the reins. Not to demotivate them but to teach them to be realistic.

There is a lot of groundwork, a lot of homework that you have to do before you actually get into the implementation of your idea. This is just like when an architect creates a building he/she spends a lot of time on the ground floor level, the base, where you have to establish the core foundations.

There have to be quantifiable reasons why you should be believing in your idea and you are sure that this is going to work.

What we will do :

  • Looking for ideas
  • Business Segment
  • User Persona / Target Audience
  • Validation before Product Manufacture
  • Survey
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Google Insights and Google Trends
  • Social Proof
  • Pre-Launch Offer
  • Workshop Instructions
  • Workshop Submission and One-On-One Review


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