Startup Fund Raising

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Learn how to get an idea about how much Funding you need for your Startup and how and from where to acquire it by connecting to the right Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists

It is very important to get an idea about projected Expenses, Revenue and PnL Statements for your Startup Initiative.

Powered with that information and the money that you can use for Self Funding your Startup , you would have an idea of exactly how much Funding is needed, based on the deficit. For that matter, even if you are going on the self-funded path this can help you align your finances with your goals.

What we will do :

  • Assessing the Addressable Market Size
  • How much Funding do you need
  • Estimating Valuation & Term Sheet
  • Fundraising Levels
  • Where to find investors
  • Finding the right investor match
  • Negotiation with Investors
  • Crafting the Investor Pitch Deck
  • Workshop
  • Workshop Submission and One-On-One Review

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