How Can AI Help Start-ups At All Levels?
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There has been a buzz around AI and businesses ever since the release of ChatGPT. More because the ‘widely popular’ AI gained 100 million users within just two months. 

If so many creators are leveraging the power of AI, how about you? How can AI help your start-up with its immensely good features? Let’s address all these questions in this blog.

AI & Levels Of Start-ups

Startup owners, especially in their beginning stages, have to make all the aspects work. Ask a new founder and they will name a hundred aspects including marketing, content, and whatnot! 

Hiring great talent is costly in 2023. What’s even hard is to find that great talent in the crowd of average freelancers and professionals. Thus, the best is to go with AI tools and later, look for professionals. 

Now, you may think that AI bots can’t beat humans. Even though you’re right, cheap freelancers will make things worse for you. 

Think of it this way: freelancers who work for low rates are beginners and can’t do much to help you scale up. If you spend $100 on them, there is a high chance that you’ll end up without any ROI. On the other hand, AI tools will get a lot of work done within a matter of minutes. 

So, without any more back and forth, let’s look out for a handful of tools for each aspect of the business.

8 AI Tools To Help You Scale Up

We are covering 8 AI tools that will help you in marketing, content, website development, translation, and much more. In simple words, all the major aspects.

1. ChatGPT

Let’s begin with ChatGPT, the viral chatbot by OpenAI. All you have to do is write your question or request and the bot will give you an elaborated answer.

You can use ChatGPT to get new social media to post ideas, and write content for them. The best part is that the bot will understand what you’re looking for from the last question itself. In simple words, you don’t have to write a question around the same topic twice. 

However, the AI tool can give you information only up to 2021. So, it’s better to use Google for the latest trends.

2. Copy AI

Our second tool is to write all the copies whether it’s a blog post, landing page copy, LinkedIn ads, or any form of copy!

In addition, you can use the tool for free as of the new updates. One thing to note — Copy AI is good, not great at creating copies. After all, it’s a bot. 

Make use of the tool for the beginning stages. Edit the copies accordingly and add your human touch. Later, hire copywriters to generate high-profit copies.

3. Google Translate

Who doesn’t know about Google Translate! Hiring someone to translate your content to make it readable for a specific segment of audience could be expensive. 

So, make the best use of our neighbor buddy, Google!

4. Quillbot

Sometimes, paraphrasing pre-written content instead of writing it first-handedly is a better option. You don’t need anyone for it as well except Quillbot

To use it, put the content and click on the paraphrase button. But, in the free version, you can put only up to 125 words. However, the best part is that it allows you to alter vocabulary and sentences with the help of suggestions.

5. Synthesia

With Synthesia, you can create videos in a whopping 120 languages. You can get your scripts written with Copy AI and upload them on Synthesia. 

In addition, the AI tool costs bucks. Yes, if you use it as an individual, it costs only $30/month which seems justified as compared to hiring a video editor.

6. Speechify

About 30% of learners are auditory learners and prefer audio over text. To serve this segment of your audience, you may need to add a different touch to your written content. That’s why it’s Speechify.

Speechify has two programs for its users: the free one and the premium one. With the premium version, you can convert up to 150,000 words into audio with a standard voice. If your file crosses the word limit, the rest of the audio will be robotic and irritating.

7. Outranking

Who doesn’t want their content to rank on Google? After all, that’s where most of the organic traffic comes from. But you don’t need to hire SEO experts straight away to achieve that feat. 

Outranking is one of the best tools for content optimization with all the ideal SEO guidelines. The tool can help you generate a whole blog post that’s optimized. For the best, if AI-generated content is edited or done well enough, it can still rank on Google.

8. Durable

Web developers charge hundreds of dollars. But with Durable, you can build your website within seconds. The best part? It’s completely optimized with copy and images. 

Plus, since there is no code, you can customize your website yourself without a single obstacle. Everything that a professional website needs to have is available on Durable.

Drawbacks Of AI Tools

Although AI tools are exceptional and will be even better in the coming future. However, there are some drawbacks as well as why humans can’t be replaced. 

For example, people engage with humorous content more than bot content with no emotional touch. Copies without proper, personalized research can’t convert more leads. No AI can generate a website as well as an experienced developer would. 

Still, Artificial Intelligence is the best choice when starting off.


Overall, AI tools are corporate saviors when you’re falling off your feet with hundreds of tasks. 

These were just 8 tools but there are hundreds of them. Some to boost your productivity, some to manage money. Every tool is unique and the best in its own way. So, go ahead and make use of each of them.