Startup Mantra Podcast Episode 6 – Part 2
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When life gives lemons make lemonade

In the last episode I shared the stories of not just brave but intelligent entrepreneurs who in spite of all the fears inside them related to the pandemic wiping away their businesses, decided to take the pivot and convert the challenge into opportunity. They were the embodiment of the quote – “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. 

In this fresh episode, I come to you with the stories of 2 other such Startups who were like you. Either were just about to start off or had just started off or were desperately seeking funds from VCs to convert their visions to reality. Some of the Startup Founders had just quit their jobs to make this new beginning. They did not turn around and go back on seeing the tide. They put on their armours, sharpened their weapons (their brains) and went full on to face the tide. 

It has been my privilege to share valuable lessons for Startups in terms of success and failure stories, processes, tools and techniques, which can be applied by Startup Founders in various aspects of their Startup Journey.
Why re-invent the wheel, why not learn from somewhere who’s been there, done that!
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Hope you gathered your little bit of learning from the podcast just like I did mine. Feel free to share your thoughts. Looking forward to share thoughts too when you comment.