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Every entrepreneur’s journey is a mix of failures and successes. The probability of failure is higher, however, there is a way to grow and keep growing until you build a successful startup. 

This book is one such guide to help you with 7 formulas for your success. 

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I found 'the 7 step startup success formula' to be incredibly valuable. The author lays out a clear and actionable plan for taking a startup from idea to launch. The book is filled with a lot of practical advice and real-life examples that really helped me understand the process of starting a business. It provides a step-by-step approach that is easy to understand and follow. I especially appreciated the real-life examples and practical tips throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to any aspiring entrepreneur and anyone looking to start their own venture.
Content writer (business niche)
This book gave me a satellite view for my startup journey. A lot of time, I got stuck and trying to figure our what's should be my next priority. "7 Step Startup Success Formula" helped me with some clarity of how to proceed further towards success. This book is really helpful for those who are into digital startups, like mobile apps or a startup which is offering any kind of web service.
Satya Prakash M.
Founder of NxtDecade & 1MillionBlogs

There are many distinguished business coaches and gurus out there. At the end of the day, our aim is not just give your knowledge and jargon. You are here for tangible outcomes in clearly defined steps to reach your milestones.

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About the Author

I’m Anu Khanchandani. Have been in the digital product industry from 1997 in various roles, in India and abroad in CMM-Level 5 organisations like Syntel (India), Delta Technology (USA), Reuters Asia (Singapore).

Have consulted a lot of Indian startups in the capacity of CTO, Principal Mentor in their digital journey right from creating their presence in CyberSpace to creating advanced artificially intelligent products and platforms.

After having spent more than 20 years as an employee, entrepreneur and consultant in the digital startup industry. I saw the journey and the challenges faced during it. Be it product design, marketing, selling, funding each aspect of the journey needed to be taken up carefully – planned and executed with patience rather than rushing into it blindfolded.

I’m here to assist you along the way – only because I believe that it is time to give back to the digital world what it has taught me in the past 20 years.

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