Gathering the Guts to Quit Your Job and Work on  your Startup Dream
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“If you want something you don’t have you must do something you have never done”

— Thomas Jefferson

Job is a safe play. You get regular income, a hike, a refreshment bonus, an already built team, a decision task, the office, and all you have to do is complete your task and go back home and spend time with your family.

That’s so simple!. Really safe. 

But, even with such a secure life, an enormous number of youth are planning to quit their job for some reason. 

Why is a business such a lucrative option? What is that thing which makes it more interesting than a job?

Business is something that can give you the life you actually want. It keeps you freedom, authority, identity, and growth much more than a job. Before I move on to the list of reasons to quit your job, I want to compare the two; business and the job.

Job vs Business

Are you made for business?

If yes! Then why are you still struggling in a job? Do you find it hard to quit your job? What can be the reason? Are you scared of insecurities? Are you enjoying your job and not too concerned about starting your own business?

It’s important to understand what you are made for! If it is for business then NOW is the right time to quit your job and plan your business. Or, if you are not financially too stable, start your business as a side hustle and then quit your job when you see enough potential in your side hustle, which can be transformed into a full-time full-fledged business. 

Short Term Vs Long Term Goal

Ask; where you want to see yourself in the next two years? Your long-term goal and your short-term goal; both have their own importance. 

If you want to see yourself at your senior’s position in that same company, then you can continue doing the job. However, if you want to see yourself at your boss position, quitting your job immediately, or planning your business even as a side hustle is an immediate action you must take.

The short-term goal must be for a present living while your long-term goal must be your vision-based. 

Are You Passionate?

Being passionate is a great thing, your fuel to your business or your entrepreneurship journey. 

If you are passionate to work on your ideas and make them into a reality e and benefit the world, then you are not made for the job. If you keep on waiting, the time will never come. Your passion will never become a reality.

Don’t forget to try your passion, because once the time is gone, you will regret not trying it. You will never get the pleasure of doing what you love. 

Is Your Job Fulfilling?

Another question every job person asks themselves; how fulfilling is your job? And, if it’s fulfilling, how long can it be?

A job can give you enough to stay alive but to live your life to the fullest, you need to have freedom; financially and physically, that can be achieved with business.

Often the job is seen as a comfort zone for entrepreneurs, a place to hide. As long as you stay in that comfort zone, you will never grow as an entrepreneur. So, quit it after you know that your job is just boring routine work. 

What Job Can’t Give?

Job can’t give you a dream life. It can give you an average lifestyle, a secure regular program-like life.

Time flexibility is another reason why a majority of people are resigning from jobs and starting a business. 

You build a new community around your business, and such networking is another interesting part of entrepreneurship. You get to know new people of all types, all intelligence, which ultimately boosts your mindset.

In a business, you do more than just regular daily routine work. And therefore it’s fun and business. You get recognition, yourself as a brand, inspire others, and much more things. 

Why is Business a Better Option? (Plus Beware of Risks)

Business is a better option for those who are not freshers. It is best suited for those who have the passion and they have worked long in a corporate world, gained enough experience to work on their own business.

The business gives you a change, new challenges, new rewards, excitement, freedom, money, intellectual growth, personal growth, high attitude, and many more things. 

But, be aware of the risk, there are high failure risks in businesses. About 50% of the businesses fail in the first year, but that doesn’t mean they are not eligible to try again. 

Businesses give you the satisfaction of making a change in the world. 

When is The Right Time to Quit Your Job?

As you have decided to start your own business, your present job gives you the security that you don’t want to quit. 

In fact, it’s not necessary to quit a job to start a business. The option of side hustle is always open for you. Invest your weekends, invest your arse after a 9 to 5-day job, invest off vacations, and try to develop a business process that you want to start.

When this side hustle is potential enough to give you regular livelihood, and promising to your long-term goal; gather your guts and resign from your job. 

Get enough savings, for at least six months. Get a part-time job if required. And fearlessly start your business instead of working for others’ dreams.

Wrapping up

Don’t think what if you fail, think what if you succeed! Your whole life will change. And you will always appreciate your decision to quit your job and start your own business.

Don’t think of what you risk, think of what you will gain, trust your faith more than your fear, and take the first step towards your dream goal. 

However, never rush! Know the exact process, plan your resignation, get a business coach or mentor, discuss with your experienced friends, build an alternative, and then resign.

A new adventure is waiting for you!