How App Store Optimization can boost business sales?
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When it comes to business, everything matters like Business website, website speed, search engine optimization (SEO), social media profile of the business, business app, and business App’s App store optimization.

It’s simply a game of visibility and the more visible your business is, the more visitors you will have and the more conversions you can make. This blog will tell you about one simple way to increase the visibility of your business is App Store Optimization.

But, before going into the details of App Store optimization, let us understand the psychology of a visitor or a possible customer.

Most of the searches on the major search engines like Google and Bing are related to any problems and our visitor is searching for a solution to that problem. This problem can be related to anything, like a search query to buy cat food or a nearby nail salon to get her nail done.

Most of the first-time users aren’t aware of the best brand in that segment, like in the cat food segment, so their search query will be something like “buy cat food online”. Whoever is at the top of the result given by Google will have the most chances to convert that visitor into a customer.

A similar approach is applied when it comes to the App Store and downloading an app into your mobile phone. Most of the visitors are not aware of the best in the market in that segment, and then whichever app is having the best visibility in the App store will have the highest chance of download.

We can take a simple example; If you go and search Pic Editor in the App Store. Then the app at the top will have the highest chance of download and those at the bottom will have a very low chance of the download. Now, the question is “How App Store Optimization can help your business grow?” and “how to do App Store Optimization?”

How App Store Optimization can Boost Business Sales?

Making an App and launching it on the App Store is the first step of business growth. App Store Optimization is the process that can increase your app’s visibility on the App Store.

 More visibility of the app is directly linked to more downloads of an app. If your app is downloaded more times than your competitors, then your user base is bigger than your competitor.

Simply means that you will have more people who know about your business and can be your customer. It is human psychology, we as humans are really bad at getting rid of things which means once an app is downloaded it is hard for a user to switch to another app for a similar business. Because your current user is already familiar with your interface, he/she will have a hard time interacting with another app.

Let’s take another example here. Imagine you have a food ordering app on your mobile phone, and You are not very active on this app but when the time comes, and you want to order your first preference is the app that is already on your device. You will not go to the App Store to download another app just for this order. That hardly happens.

That means if your app is already on a device, they might not be very active on that app, but when the time comes they will prefer your app instead of downloading another app. 

So simply, it can be estimated that more downloads or active instals will turn into more conversions or sales for your business.

More business is more revenue, and More revenue is more profit for your business.

Now, the final question is.

How to do App Store Optimization for your App?

You need to make a plan to rank higher and to do App Store Optimization of your business app.

This plan will include several steps. So, let’s start

  1. The first is to understand your user base. This is the first and the foremost step for any business, app, or website. Understand what your user wants and apart from that understand what your user will search for. Make a list of such queries that a potential user will search, and your app can give him a solution. Simply put yourself in customer’s shoes
  1. Pick the right name for your app. This is an important step for beginner businesses. If your user does not understand or cannot relate it to your business, then surely you will have a bad time in conversion at the beginning. Choose a name that is self-explanatory or relatable. Your name should be easy to remember and unique.
  1. Do your own keyword research. What keywords are the most searched keywords for your business? You already have a list of search queries, and this keyword research will enhance your plan by several folds.
  1. Write a good and long description of your app. The App Store gives you a space to write a 4000-word description. This description is very important for App Store Optimization. Your description should be easy to read and understandable by the user. Make sure to put your researched list of search queries and keywords in your app’s description. These are not direct ranking factors, but these will help the user to understand the usage of your app and how your app can solve his problem.
  1. Get an attractive app Icon. The icon is very important for a business or an app because you recognize the app mostly by seeing the icon. Everyone is familiar with TikTok or Instagram icons. Keep it simple and attractive. Perform A/B testing on your app icon so that it can load easily on every device you are targeting.
  1. Prepare App screenshots and small interactive videos of your app. Visuals are very important when it comes to usage. The first impression of your app can convert a visitor into a user.
  1. App Listing and Localization are also important for business growth. If your business is targeting a small area, then making it easier for the people for those people. But if your app is available in several parts of the world, make sure to use description and metadata according to that language and people. 
  1. App rating and reviews are a crazy factor for app ranking. If your app is downloaded by a user, make sure they leave a rating or a review for your app. You can do so by sending them a notification to drop a rating on the App Store.

These are the best practices for App Store Optimization, and you can get a higher ranking for your app by following this approach.


App Store Optimization enhances your app’s visibility among the users. More visibility can give you an edge over your competitor, and more downloads will lead to more business done by your app. 

ASO does not have a substitute, and it is a must if you want to make our business a successful business. So do you App store optimization now and get a bigger chunk of the market.